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Top Five Destinations for Marriage Proposals

Traveling with your loved one is always a special experience no matter where you go. However, where do you travel to when you want to make your next trip extra special? You already went to Zales and picked out the perfect ring, the next step is finding that ideal destination to pop the question. There are a number of places out there to choose from but a few make the list for the most popular. If you want to make an impression and aren’t worried about picking a place with a crowd think about some of the destinations below for your upcoming marriage proposal.

Disney World, Florida

The number one place for marriage proposals is a destination that will bring out your inner child. If you and your partner like to be playful, enjoy theme parks, and believe in magic, Disney World may be the place for you. With plenty of things to distract your partner before you pop the question, Disney World is a good choice and offers plenty of opportunities to set the stage for your big moment. You even have the chance to see some fireworks post proposal.

Times Square, New York City

If you like the hustle and bustle of the city, Times Square could be a great option for you. Surrounded by bright lights, and never-ending arts and culture, New York City’s Times Square is the second most popular destination for wedding proposals. It is common for lovers to stroll hand in hand after seeing a show and dining at one of the city’s famed restaurants. Why not get down on one knee in the middle of it all and show your partner that your love for them shines brighter than the city that never sleeps?

Central Park and Top of the Rock

New York City is a big place so it is not surprising that there are several locations here that make our list. Central Park and Top of the Rock tie for third most popular destination for wedding proposals. Central Park can be beautiful in any season. Whether you want to propose during a picnic on the great lawn, in a row boat on the reservoir or while ice skating this winter, Central Park provides you with many settings to make the moment special. Top of the Rock, the view point at the top of Rockefeller Center, is equally as popular for those who want to have a view when they get down on one knee.

Disneyland Paris and Universal Studios

Another tie for fourth place shows us that couples really love to include some nostalgia and make believe in their marriage proposals. When you think about how love can make you feel like a kid, it makes sense. Throw in the romance of Paris or the wonder of Universal Studios and you have quite the destination for your special moment.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Paris is for lovers and it won’t disappoint if you choose to head to the Eiffel Tower for your upcoming proposal. With views of the city of love, this destination will be sure to impress. For the best and most romantic setting, visit the Eiffel Tower at night time.

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